Our Approach

Marino is a full-service strategic communications firm founded in 1993. We create and implement comprehensive customized public relations and integrated marketing programs that support our clients’ business and organizational objectives.

Our clients include international, national and regional businesses, trade associations, community organizations, institutions, and not-for-profits. Our representations run the gamut from global Fortune 100 companies to local neighborhood businesses and groups. Our client base spans a full array of market sectors: real estate, energy, community development, economic development, healthcare, education, consumer, lifestyle, financial services, media, publishing, and professional services.


A Unique Convergence of Skills

You won’t find an agency anywhere that offers our brand of strategic convergence of expertise.  It is an asset unique to Marino. Unlike other strategic communications agencies, Marino’s core capabilities reach deeply into four critical areas:  the media, the  corporate world, the public sector, and the community.

It’s easy to find a public relations firm with skills in one or two — or sometimes even three of these four areas. But we’re unique.  Our expertise is rooted in all four of these spheres. Sometimes, our work on behalf of our clients focuses exclusively on one or two of these areas and we have extensive experience and capability in each area independently. Where we stand apart, however, is in our understanding of how frequently these areas intersect and interact.  It allows us to deliver extraordinary results for our clients and to provide them with more comprehensive counsel.

Our clients repeatedly leverage this distinctive convergence to help them fulfill their strategic objectives. We find it happening again and again. We begin working with clients who tell us they need media relations services, or public affairs services.  But as the strategic development unfolds, Marino and the client quickly recognize that something more is needed. We often find that the best and most effective strategic programs must tap into two or three, or even all four of our convergence elements. Our clients end up the beneficiaries. They’ve built a winning, strategic partnership with a communications firm offering a uniquely well-rounded set of capabilities.

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Street Smart Communications

Street Smart and Campaign-Oriented

Marino is comprised of “street smart” professionals who take pride in a strategic, aggressive and campaign-minded approach. We are entirely results-oriented and believe that our success is measured in terms of our clients achieving their business objectives.

Our team members have extensive experience working in the media, in the corporate world, in the public sector, and in the community, enabling us to establish quality, long-term relationships not just with key editors and reporters, but with a vast range of corporate executives, public officials and community leaders – in short, all the key players across the public spectrum. Marino always has an ear to the ground, allowing us to anticipate both new challenges and new opportunities that will face our clients. Our “street smart” credentials permit us to provide sage counsel while acting as facilitators, cutting through the red tape and getting the results our clients need.

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Our Expertise

Customized, Boutique-Style Service

Marino’s clients benefit from a complete range of communications services. The boutique style of our firm enables us to implement our strategic plans in an intelligent, cost-effective manner, with minimal overhead, individualized care and day-to-day personalized attention.

We provide our clients with customized communications plans developed through a finely honed process that establishes key goals, messages, target audiences, tactics, timetables and accountability. Throughout implementation of the plan, we interact with our clients on a daily basis and place great value on their feedback. We stay accountable, closely monitoring and measuring results in order to make adjustments when needed. We forge high functioning partnerships with our clients, ensuring that every element of the communications campaign works in direct support of clients’ business or organizational objectives.

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