NY Post Front Page on JFK IAT’s: “Frying High”–Cooking oil fuels first Atlantic Flight

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TMO team members, acting on behalf of clients John F. Kennedy International Airport International Air Terminal 4  and The Schipol Group (the owners of JFK IAT’s 4 management company) were delighted to help land front page coverage in Saturday’s New York Post of how New Yorkers can, for the first time, take a commercial flight from JFK to Amsterdam fueled by the same cooking oil that contributes to chicken wings and French Fries.

Read the entire Post piece.

The AP’s coverage of the story has been picked up across the nation, including in tier-1 outlets such as USA Today and the Washington Post.

Cooking fuels are biofuels, which are more environmentally-friendly than traditional jet fuel.

The particular biofuel technology involved was pioneered by Dutch Airline KLM, which held a ceremony at JFK IAT4 on Friday to commemorate the first of what would ultimately be 25 flights from NYC to Amsterdam.  Friday night’s flight, which went off without a hitch, will be followed by 24 round trips every Thursday for the next six months, the Post’s Bill Sanderson reports

.KLM’s runs from JFK to Amsterdam and back will be the first time that biofuels are used to power a regular schedule of Trans-Atlantic flights, the piece reports.