TF Cornerstone Attracts Residents with Amenity-Filled Rentals

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The New York Post and the Daily News highlighted two luxury developments being built in Long Island City and Flushing, Queens by one of New York City’s leading developers, TF Cornerstone.  These billion-dollar projects will include a bevy of perks, including tennis courts, benches, barbecue grills, private cabanas, a dog run, and much, much more.

These perk filled properties are drawing in residents by offering large outdoor spaces, a benefit not found too often in the rental-laden boroughs.  People usually turned off by the concrete jungle that is NYC are finding an unparalleled level of comfort at the luxury facility.

As per Citi Habitats President Gary Malin:
“It can’t be replicated.  With these two spaces in Queens, you’re talking about making these buildings destinations in and among themselves.  You can actually escape your own living space and find a suburban style oasis in your own living environment.”

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	In Long Island City, TF Cornerstone is building a recreation area as big as a football field.
Rendering of TF Cornerstone’s LIC property