WSJ: NYU CUSP Brings Big Data To The Public Sphere

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NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress is watching over NYC.  Led by former Obama administration undersecretary of science, Steve Koonin, the University’s program is focused on collecting “big data” to find solutions to today’s problems.  A camera and sensors set up by CUSP detect light and sound on a large scale, and use software to determine large-scale trends.

From an article by Elizabeth Dwoskin in The Wall Street Journal:

Tech companies have used the technologies and techniques collectively known as big data to make business decisions and shape their customers’ experience. Now researchers are bringing big data into the public sphere, aiming to improve quality of life, save money, and understand cities in ways that weren’t possible only a few years ago.

“It’s like when Galileo first turned the telescope on the heavens,” said Mr. Koonin. “It’s just a whole new way of looking at society.”

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