WSJ: Turn 2 Foundation Coaching Next Generation of Leaders

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An article in The Wall Street Journal today looks at The Turn 2 Foundation and its signature program, “Jeter’s Leaders.”  Turn 2 was established by Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter in 1996 to foster leadership development, academic excellence, healthy lifestyles and community service.  Turn 2 is led by Sharlee Jeter, president of the organization and sister of Derek.

“Jeter’s Leaders” is a four-year leadership development program that challenges high school students to host leadership conferences, mentor students in after school programs, perform community service, and live and lead their peers in a healthy, drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.  Upon completion of the four year commitment, the students are awarded a $3,000 college scholarship.  Over the past six years, all graduating members of “Jeter’s Leaders” have gone to college.  “The program is exceeding our expectations. It is well-beyond what we ever thought it would be,” Sharlee says.

The 21 young people graduating from the program this year will go on to serve as ambassadors for Derek Jeter in their New York City and Kalamazoo communities.


The full article can be found here.