Cushman & Wakefield

The Challenge

In the intensely competitive world of commercial real estate, even iconic brands like Cushman & Wakefield need to work steadily and aggressively to maintain a strong and on-message media presence. Today’s market demands that even top companies continuously showcase and reinforce their accomplishments and their industry-leading expertise.

With this in mind, in 2013, the company’s Tri-State Region decided it was time to step back -- and take a fresh look at its communications strategy and infrastructure.

Cushman & Wakefield knew us. The firm had already benefited first-hand from Marino’s bold and strategic communications capabilities through our high-stakes work in support of One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, one of their marquee clients.

Confident we would deliver, the company chose Marino to manage PR for the region.

The Solution

Working in consultation with leaders of the corporate communications team, Marino devised a PR strategy that would successfully project the real estate firm’s leadership, its creativity, and its capabilities onto the media marketplace in a steady, smart and targeted way.

As the central element of the new strategy, Cushman & Wakefield designated a select number of high-performing and high-profile executives as the firm’s “Brand Ambassadors.” The “Ambassadors” would sharpen and internalize the company’s prime corporate messages -- and then proceed to systematically convey these messages to targeted audiences, including the media.

Reinforced by a strong spirit of client-agency accountability, Marino would complement the “Brand Ambassador” initiative by providing strategic support to key business units: corporate, office, retail, capital markets and technology. Marino would also deliver high end content: messaging, bylined articles, speeches and scripts for major events and provide strategic support under “rapid response” scenarios.

Bolstered by across-the-board teamwork between our agency and a full complement of top Cushman & Wakefield executives, Marino has secured more than 250 million media impressions. This coverage has reinforced the market’s positive perceptions of the firm’s skills, achievements and industry pre-eminence. The media portfolio has included multiple, value-added placements – often showcasing the industry leadership of the “Brand Ambassadors” -- in such leading outlets as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News and the New York Post.

Marino continues to play a valuable and strategic role in the Cushman & Wakefield marketing program.