Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS)

Assisting the founding chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America keep its message current, increase youth mentoring and improve fundraising.

The Challenge

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS of NYC) is one of America’s oldest and largest non-profit organizations dedicated to youth mentoring. It proudly serves more than 5,200 young people in the city each year.

But New York is home to a crowded marketplace of non-profits. It thus became critical for BBBS of NYC to stand out from the pack by mounting a focused campaign that would bolster and elevate its distinctive brand. The organization particularly needed to expand its base of volunteer mentors and donors among millennials, outer borough residents, and minority communities.

The Solution

Working in coordination with the BBBS team, Marino formulated a strategy to capitalize on the existence of the little-known “National Mentoring Month” taking place each January. Transforming the month into an annual promotional springboard, Marino secured the participation of public officials for media-facing events occurring within each of New York’s five boroughs.

Then, building off the January momentum, Marino proceeded to deliver a year-long stream of BBBS news to daily and community publications, broadcast outlets, national wire services, and web-based media. Coverage placed a powerful, public spotlight on BBBS successes in the form of human interest stories, op-eds, interviews with leadership, and uplifting profiles of “Big” and “Little” matches.

Complementing this initiative in the conventional media, Marino devised and launched a social media strategy that targeted specific components of BBBS’s wide network of donors, volunteers, elected officials, and corporate partners. We developed customized content that conveyed compelling stories of the “Bigs” and “Littles,” plus news of organizational initiatives, signature events and more.

BBBS also tapped Marino to play a major role in promoting and scripting annual fundraising events, helping to generate vital financial support while also attracting public awareness as effective media opportunities.

Through a skillful and strategic blending of traditional media and social media outreach, Marino has helped BBBS of NYC increase the ranks of its mentors among millennials, minorities and outer-borough residents, a critical organizational objective.

The media campaign has kindled and reinforced excellent relationships between BBBS of NYC and virtually every major media outlet in the city and dozens of tier one media outlets. An enlarged portfolio of on-message media placements has both enhanced fundraising efforts and significantly broadened public awareness of the organization’s many successes.