Time Warner Center

Working with developer The Related Companies on a three-plus year community outreach program to win support for the then largest private development in U.S. history.

The Challenge

Developers of the $1.7-billion, 80-story Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle - the largest private development ever undertaken in American history - needed to mount an effective and far-reaching community relations program to help ensure that the massive project would be completed without disruption on a timely basis.

The Solution

After analyzing the full range of constituencies and potential issues, Marino established a "Time Warner Community Task Force" consisting of three community boards and project leaders meeting on a monthly basis. We created a community newsletter and an around-the-clock, toll-free community hotline, giving residents immediate contact with project management. A "Town Hall" forum was arranged to bring residents together with project leaders, and a jobs program was initiated to maximize project-related employment opportunities for local citizens.

The three-and-a-half-year strategy kept the community involved and informed of project progress at every level. Marino's community relations techniques served all parties well by anticipating and resolving a wide range of concerns, disputes, and inconveniences. By forging a relationship of healthy accountability between the project leadership and the community, Marino helped keep the project on schedule and also helped protect the developer’s massive investment in Time Warner Center.