Teen Tech Guru Meyer, Aiming to Transform News, Launches Fresco

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“Fresco” aims to revolutionize the news and journalism industry;

Latest in a series of successful apps developed by 19-year-old student John Meyer


NEW YORK – May 20, 2014 — They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what they don’t tell you about is the young, savvy teenager behind the picture, making it all happen. John Meyer, a 19-year-old tech entrepreneur and innovator who has already led his company, TapMedia, to develop more than 40 original apps generating more than 5 million downloads, today launched his latest venture in the AppStore under his newest company, Fresco News. Fresco delivers world news in the most digestible of ways, through the use of incredibly captivating and descriptive images coming from professional photojournalists at the scene of breaking news events.

Fresco aims to revolutionize the news and journalism industry by bringing it to the technological age of smartphones, tablets, 140 character tweets and short attention spans. Meyer’s idea for the news app was to combine an Instagram-style feed with the most stunning, captivating and informative photos available to result in a much faster way to consume news. Rather than reading through headlines, users can tap on a photo for an extended caption as well as several full-length article options for further reading – making news consumption faster and more enjoyable for a generation that is increasingly averse to picking up a newspaper.

“We have a bold and multifaceted vision for Fresco, that we think has the potential to be transformative in a number of ways,” said John Meyer, founder and CEO of Fresco News and TapMedia. “Fresco marries traditional news reporting to the aesthetic, visually-oriented and instantaneous photography that is currently redefining the way that news is consumed. Our hope is that Fresco will benefit traditional media outlets by driving users to their news articles through stunning, eye-catching images, while making it easier for readers to find news that interests them through photography.”


Meyer envisions Fresco facilitating both the personalization and crowdsourcing of news, but also views the platform as working synergistically with traditional media outlets. His hope for Fresco is that it will contribute to the continued viability of traditional media and draw users to read further, by tapping on the full-length article options coming from major news sources such as The New York Times, CNN, The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.

 Fresco ultimately seeks to capitalize on existing trends by enlisting and mobilizing a worldwide army of independent citizen journalists, sending push notifications to users when breaking news occurs in their respective cities as a call for photos. Once he has established a network of photojournalists sending real-time images from events around the world, Meyer hopes to partner with news agencies that simply cannot support so many full-time photographers, to share Fresco users’ imagery.

Fresco has received rave reviews at a number of high-profile events such as the SXSW Conference, NYU Entrepreneurs Festival and NYU DemoDays, and has garnered great feedback from Apple. Initial demos have attracted strong interest from the most prominent and competitive accelerators, as well as early-stage investors, including both angels and venture capitalists.

Meyer plans to bring the Fresco app to the Android platform as early as this summer.

Fresco is the latest in a fast-growing stable of successful apps developed by Meyer and TapMedia. Four of his apps have reached the Top 25 chart out of all free apps in the AppStore, which accounts to the majority of the 1 million+ apps available, including Real Aquarium HD, AutoCorrect Fail, Just Light and his latest creation before Fresco, Perfect Shot. Perfect Shot received more than 75,000 downloads in the first two weeks of its release, has been featured in the AppStore in 17 countries, and was also named by Apple as one of its “Best New Apps” in 2013.

Originally from Port Washington, New York, Meyer started his business from the ground up – with $0 and a computer – without any financial support from family and friends. He has been using computers since day one, fiddling with them in the 90’s starting as young as one-year-old. Meyer, who just completed his freshman year at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, is currently based out of WeWork’s SoHo incubator space along with his three employees of Fresco News and TapMedia and his two Fresco team members.

Meyer says he first had the idea for Fresco at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference last year. “I was incredibly inspired by some of the apps winning Apple Design Awards and I wanted to create something that was both beautiful and also vastly beneficial to society and the world,” said Meyer.

The next steps for Fresco include crowdsourced news, allowing photographers to be compensated for their photos; user/photographer profiles; and hyper-local news.

Fresco is available now for download in the AppStore at apple.com/iTunes.

About Fresco News, Inc.

Fresco News provides users with a radically new way to receive news through incredibly captivating images that represent real world stories. Fresco aims to revolutionize the news and journalism industry by combining an Instagram-style feed with stunning and informative photos from its own network of top notch photographers, making news consumption faster and more enjoyable. The firm’s founder and CEO, John H. Meyer, is a technology entrepreneur and business and marketing strategist who prides himself in leading and developing new, innovative projects. By the age of 16, John had created over 35 apps, four of which climbed into the Top 25 in the iTunes AppStore. In total, John’s 40+ apps have been downloaded more than 5 million times in less than four years.

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