Crisis Management

Whether developing a crisis communications protocol in advance or nimbly managing rapidly unfolding unexpected events, Marino thoroughly prepares our clients to remain on message during a crisis.

We have extensive experience in crisis management and crisis communications.

Our foremost goal in this area is to help ensure that our clients’ are completely prepared in advance for all reasonably foreseeable crisis scenarios. In respect to media relations and public communications generally, we also focus extensively on preventing the occurrence of crises in the first place – so much of our most important crisis management work is done in advance, when all is well.

We help clients anticipate potential crises. By working through various crisis scenarios beforehand, Marino prepares clients to capably maintain organizational continuity when disruptions occur.

In the unfortunate event that a crisis does occur, we know how to help ensure that they’re managed effectively, efficiently, and responsibly. We respond rapidly to unfolding events and quickly adapt organizational messages to crisis circumstances. We work with our clients to quickly disseminate accurate and timely information to the public and to convey the sense that the situation is being capably handled.

To minimize the potential damage of a crisis, Marino can:

  • Prepare crisis management plans, including the advance development of protocols to be followed in the event of a crisis
  • Be on call for clients on a 24/7 basis
  • Serve as a liaison with public safety officials
  • Prepare draft press statements and holding statements
  • Serve as a client spokesperson, when necessary or desirable
  • Use social media to quickly disseminate key messages
  • Help devise tactics and strategies that will assure key audiences that all is well and under control
  • Provide media training both as a precaution, in anticipation of any possible crises, and in the midst of an ongoing disruption