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Wawarsing Pins Economic Hopes on Casino at Former Nevele Hotel

A story run today by AP highlighted the Catskill region’s growing need for a revival of the area’s once-thriving hotel and casino business.  A $400 million proposal to build a casino, golf course, a long water slide and more at the 110-year old Nevele Hotel has gained support from local residents who think the struggling area could greatly benefit from the tourist traffic.

The proposal comes in anticipation of the planned November vote to expand casino gambling throughout the state.  While Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed plan would start with three casinos upstate with two more added at a later date, Nevele’s Michael Traenor thinks the region would be better served by multiple casinos approved at the same time in the Catskills.  The residents and local politicians agree.

Per the piece,  “support also was strong on the streets of Ellenville, where multiple storefronts are vacant and the unemployment rate runs high. Many here remember the Nevele’s better days and hope for a little taste of that again.

“When you’re at 18 percent unemployment, you’ve lost your industry, the housing market has really taken a hit around here, the potential of 1,500 jobs — it can be a game changer,” said Town of Wawarsing Supervisor Scott Carlsen.”

Michael Hall’s full article can be viewed here.

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