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NY Daily News: Broadway pedestrian plazas to be ‘glitzed up,’ made permanent

An exclusive story in the New York Daily News highlighted the permanent renovations to be made to the pedestrian plazas on Broadway, between 35th and 41st Sts.  The Garment District Alliance will work with the city Department of Transportation to carry out the 5-year project.

Per the article by Erin Durkin:

Pedestrian plazas lining Broadway are set for a major makeover.

Plazas that take up two lanes of Broadway from 35th to 41st St. – connecting Times Square and Herald Square, where the street is completely closed to traffic – will be made permanent and glitzed up, according to the Garment District Alliance.

“It will really become a true public space,” said Barbara Blair Randall, the group’s president.

The road bed in the plaza will be raised so it’s even with the sidewalk, trees will be planted, and lighting and water fountains will be added.

“What we’re trying to do is activate the neighborhood a little more at night,” said Randall, who noted the neighborhood has many people passing through because of its location near transit hubs. “What we’re hoping to do is with this new plaza that they’ll really stop and take advantage of the retail.”

The alliance will work with the city Department of Transportation on the project, which is expected to cost up to $70 million and be done in five years. Before construction starts, the group plans to fill the space with wooden planks during the warmer weather months.

For the full article, click here.

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