BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)

Using the power of strategic communications to help a leading health care company combat the globe's deadliest diseases.

The Challenge

In the late 2000s, BD (formerly Becton, Dickinson & Company) - one of the world’s largest and leading medical technology companies - launched the BD Global Health Initiative, a trailblazing endeavor to make a lasting, positive impact on crises such as the HIV/AIDS and TB pandemics in the developing world. The Initiative’s approach was groundbreaking in that it worked to guide the international response to such pandemics away from narrow and reactive crisis management and treatment of symptoms and toward a structural, long-term sustainable solution.

In order to increase visibility and help to spread continued awareness of the Initiative, BD needed to (1) further position itself as relevant in the global health arena, (2) advance global health issues important to the company, (3) elevate global health awareness among its associates, and (4) support the sales of relevant products.

The Solution

In order to meet the magnitude of the unique challenges posed by the BD assignment, Marino devised action items which included (1) customized media tactics, such as building a presence in allied outlets, arranging media partner tours, marking dates and anniversaries such as thirty years of syringe safety, etc., (2) the pitching and placing of case studies, especially those focused on medical technology, (3) business-focused pitches, such as “best practices’ associated with collaboration with the Initiative, the HR benefits of the Initiative, and the positive impact on business’ bottom line that would ultimately result from philanthropic participation, (4) “On-Location” opportunities, i.e. attracting U.S. media coverage of BD’s on-site and overseas activities and attract foreign press coverage, (5) comprehensive targeting of BD offices and associates, and (6) research-based and statistically-oriented PR tactics.

Many of these tactics worked to promote each of BD’s four overriding strategic objectives and to ensure that, at all times, Marino’s campaign was simultaneously operating across a full variety of platforms across the world.

Working off our strategic matrix, Marino helped build a strong platform for the Initiative before key partners, collaborators and NGOs. We developed content rich communications collateral that helped position the Initiative to maximum advantage before over thirty key audiences, including the Secretary-General of the United Nations, PEPFAR, the Clinton Foundation, the International Aids Society and numerous others.

Marino built and nurtured relations with key media targets in the global health arena, delivering numerous interviews and interview opportunities, including a 25-minute interview with Mike Allen of the Wall Street Journal, as well as sit-downs with Reuters, Forbes, the Baltimore Sun, Bloomberg, Fox News World, Fox Business News and Monocle, amongst others. Marino also garnered several significant media placements including Voices of America, Reuters, the San Jose Business Journal, the US Chamber of Commerce Magazine and others.

Over the course of the engagement, Marino played a key role in the Initiative’s ongoing success. Given the nature of the cause, BD is one of Marino’s most gratifying success stories.