NYU Schack Institute Of Real Estate

Fortifying the reputation of one of the world's most prestigious educational programs in real estate and construction.

The Challenge

The NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate is among the largest and most prestigious educational entities dedicated to the real estate and construction industries, offering graduate degrees and related certificate programs designed for the most highly motivated professionals from the real estate sector.

Although already a model for similar programs around the globe, NYU Schack needed to communicate to potential students the importance of continuing education in the real estate industry in order to keep a steady flow of applicants each year, especially during recent difficult economic times.

The Solution

With numerous professors in every aspect of industry expertise who continue to work in their respective fields, Marino leveraged these individuals to comment on real estate trends to show the knowledge base that NYU Schack has to draw from either as a member of the media or as a student.

Marino identified ‘star pupils’ that really illustrate the success that an NYU Schack education can help secure by telling their stories in trade publication profiles appropriate to their niche of the real estate industry.

Seeing the academic perspective of an issue is a great asset for the media as it’s seen as a ‘third-party’ endorsement. The media now come to NYU Schack for their perspective on an issue or trend knowing that our experts will provide great value and more perspective.

Marino secures placements on a regular basis in such outlets as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, and USA Today among others.