Marino's technology practice dates back to the initial emergence of the Internet as the communications medium of the future, and just as technology has evolved in ways that might have seemed unimaginable twenty years ago, so has our technology practice.

Now more than ever, Marino represents clients who, in various ways, are at the forefront of technological development.  Our technology team has come to support some of the most innovative, creative and promising incubators and start-ups on the highly competitive tech scene.

Marino does more than pitch new products and fortify the brands of technology clients. We help them tell their most important stories: how their particular innovations bring together ideas, people and communities in new, smarter, and more efficient ways.

Our growing  technology practice is multifaceted:

We represent the innovators and designers of cutting-edge technology including up and coming software design and digital branding firms that have received a number of awards presented to the most promising young technology firms.

We represent educational institutions laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s tech industry – not only in the classroom, but also within the technology start-ups these institutions incubate in-house.

We represent business improvement districts dedicated to attracting both well-established and leading  technology companies and the most promising, visionary start-up firms.

And we represent cutting-edge clients that are among the first to apply the latest technologies to serve their own clients with unmatched efficiency.

In short, Marino’s technology practice covers all the bases of this exponentially growing market

Representative clients, present and past, include:

  • Rain
  • The Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators (SoDA)
  • Brooklyn Tech Triangle
  • NYU CUSP (Center for Urban Science & Progress)
  • Polytechnic Institute of New York University
  • Software Design Institute at Touro College
  • Intellispace Tech
  • Advanced Digital Internet

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Our technology practice is, naturally, closely linked to our digital & social media service offerings

Read a front page piece from the New York Times Sunday Business Day highlighting a “hackathon”  hosted by our client, Rain, in support of victims of Hurricane Sandy- an event conceived and planned by Marino.