Integrated Marketing & Collateral Materials

Marino frequently leads integrated marketing initiatives that coordinate a variety of communications vehicles to ensure that all elements work together as a united force, consistently reinforce a brand's core messages, and create a seamless experience for target audiences that facilitates increased sales.

Our integrated marketing efforts are designed such that all promotional and marketing efforts – be it public relations, advertising,  direct marketing, digital communications, social media, and other collateral materials – are presented in a consistent tone and style in order to consistently reinforce and fortify a brand from a variety of angles, and such that all elements work together as a synergistic whole.

Experience has taught us that this type of program design maximizes not only the experience for the target end user, but cost efficiency as well.

Each aspect of our integrated programs operate effectively to increase our clients’ bottom lines, both my increasing revenues and reducing operating expenses.

Using a team approach, we’ve designed well-timed, comprehensive integrated marketing campaigns that have yielded dividends to a diverse client base, including initiatives built around market entries and product launches.

Our suite of integrated marketing offerings include three critical overarching services: strategic consulting, implementation, coordination and execution, and logistical and process support.

See examples of Marino integrated marketing and collateral materials created for The Home Depot, JFK IAT4, REBNY and Montparnasse 56.

Strategic Consulting

Marino’s approach to integrated marketing and collateral materials emphasizes a powerful street smart, strategic component.  Prior to the launch of integrated marketing campaigns, Marino can consult with , and provide guidance to, our clients on issues such as:

  • The particular types of communications elements, and the logistical and design components of each, that should be effectively incorporated into the overall integrated program.
  • The timing of the integrated program – when it should launch, at what point each specific element should be introduced, etc., to ensure that that campaign reaches as large an audience as possible, but also builds upon itself, creating buzz and momentum that ultimately becomes self-perpetuating.
  • The identification of the primary target audiences of the campaign as a whole, as well as the specific sub-sets of audiences which can most effectively be reached by particular program components.
  • The development of the core messages at the heart of the integrated campaign.

The most effective integrated marketing campaigns reflect  a strategic understanding of the product/service and its market, as well as an intimate knowledge of thr client’s  organizational culture, capabilities, vision and personality.

Therefore, the strong working relationships we form with our clients permit us to provide such informed counsel.

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Implementation and Execution of Integrated Marketing Program Elements

In some instances, Marino leads the entirety of the integrated marketing campaign in-house, and we have extensive experience doing just that.

Alternatively we frequently and comfortably partner with in-house marketing and sales teams, outside agencies, and with the region’s most creative art directors, graphic designers, writers, and producers, to implement the full variety of  program elements.

  • Comprehensive media relations campaigns
    • News releases
    • Media events
    • Pitches for broadcast coverage
    • Online placements
  • Advertising
    • Print
    • Electronic/social media
    • Television
    • Radio
  • Direct marketing
    • Direct Mail
    • Brochures
    • Newsletters
    • Postcards
    • Outdoor signage and promotions
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Video production
    • DVDs,
    • Online commercials
    • On-air spots, etc
  • Websites
  • Digital and social media
  • Integration tools
    • Web analytics
    • Customer relationship tracking software
    • Tracking of campaign effectiveness

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Logistical and Process Support 

Finally, Marino, when desirable, works with our clients to handle the logistics involved with the specifics of the design, production and distribution of the collateral materials associated with various program components.

The logistical and process support services that we provide – often in partnership with the leading agencies in highly specialized areas include:

  • Development of RFPs and management of the selection process in respect of adding additional firms to the team
  • Managing the overall process from design to distribution, as appropriate
  • Locating partner vendors as appropriate
  • Creating content for materials
  • Advising on, and helping coordinate,  design of materials
  • Coordinating development and production of materials
  • Handling distribution logistics

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