Media Relations

Marino continually delivers message-driven media coverage that helps our clients increase profitability and achieve their strategic organizational objectives.

We take pride in our consistent ability to match the needs of the media with the messages, expertise and resources of our clients.

Operating from a sound understanding of our clients’ organizational objectives, combined with our knowledge of how the media work, we continuously scrutinize our clients to identify what makes their organizations newsworthy.

We then leverage our understanding of the media’s needs to deliver steady, strategic placements. We never seek placements just for the sake of it. We focus exclusively on pitching stories that fit into the broader narratives our clients want told.

We work day-to-day, and have intimate relationships with, hundreds of the nation’s top journalists across an array of market sectors.

Marino offers our clients a complete suite of media relations services, including:

  • Creating a comprehensive media relations program that establishes key goals, messages, target audiences, tactics, timetables, and accountability
  • Generating news releases, interviews, spot coverage, article placements, and mentions
  • Analyzing our clients for their newsworthy attributes, achievements, and story lines
  • Developing and pitching story lines that create news centered around our clients
  • Securing strategic placements in targeted media outlets across the full spectrum of mediums, including print, television, digital, radio, social media, etc.
  • Drafting byline articles and op-ed pieces – often technical in nature – that are published in targeted outlets
  • Identifying and securing sourcing opportunities
  • Monitoring editorial calendars and ongoing coverage relating to our clients’ interests
  • Leading market entries and marketing/promoting new products (read more about our Integrated Marketing practice)
  • Facilitating informal, get-acquainted meetings between our clients’ key executives and the most influential reporters covering their industries
  • Positioning our clients as thought and policy experts in their respective industries
  • Drawing attention to, and handling the public release of, client white papers, research breakthroughs, previously proprietary information, etc.

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