Message Development

Marino works in close partnership with our clients to ensure consistent, well-executed and strategically-timed delivery of appropriate messages to the right target audiences.

For most of our clients, virtually every opportunity to communicate with the public provides a chance to send a targeted message. Invariably, businesses and organizations that communicate effective, meaningful messages will stand the greatest chance of success in their dealings with the media and with the public.

We work with clients to:

  • Identify the key attributes of the client around which messages should focus
  • Create messages that address specific, client-related assets and attitudes
  • Create complimentary messages about broader marketplace or community circumstances that help reinforce clients’ interests
  • Test potential messages via the coordination of polling, focus groups, and other empirical research metrics
  • Categorize and refine messages
  • Develop substantiating, data-based proof points for each message
  • Pinpoint target audiences
  • Adapt established messages to crisis circumstances
  • Adapt established messages for optimal distribution on social media platforms
  • Adapt established messages to maximize advertising effectiveness