Strategic Counsel

For nearly twenty years, our diverse array of sophisticated clients have counted on Marino to listen hard, to understand their businesses and industries, and to provide wise, informed, and value-adding strategic counsel on a wide range of complex communications challenges.

Marino is a full service strategic communications firm and we have specialized expertise in a  broad spectrum of market sectors.

But our clients tell us time and time again that our greatest value lies not just in the work we do, and the results we get, but in the way we do our work.  Regardless of the particular areas of expertise involved with a specific assignment, we above all  serve as sage strategic counselors and trusted business advisers to our clients. Indeed, one of the most frequent, and rewarding, pieces of feedback we receive from our clients is, simply, “you get it.”

Our clients recognize us as much more than communication experts. We have the ability to, and place critical emphasis on, developing a sophisticated understanding of our clients’ business and organizational models,  their current and prospective market shares, their current strategic positions and their overarching strategic objectives. Beginning from such a vantage point is of great value in assisting clients bridge the gap between where they begin and where they want to end up.

Because of our unique convergence of core skills, which extends beyond the media to the corporate world, the public sector, and the community, we are uniquely positioned to seamlessly and surely advise our clients on effectively navigating these interconnected spheres.

Our street-smart team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Team members have worked at high levels in government, in private business, in the media, as practicing attorneys, and as practicing financial analysts.  We constantly tap each others’ expertise, enabling us to counsel our clients from an unusually  wide variety of perspectives,  which in turn makes our advice more incisive and our solutions more effective.

We’re constantly plugged into an extensive network of contacts. The strong working relationships we enjoy with hundreds of editors and reporters, community leaders, top business executives and public officials allow us to provide our clients with critical insights and  invaluable, real-time market intelligence.